Citi global portfolio trading strategies

citi global portfolio trading strategies

in aggregate. Choose the subscription that is right for you. That helps explain the bank's decision to expand in businesses others are exiting in theory, Citi will have more pricing power where it has a bigger share of the market. It is becoming a much more fluid activity he says. Our returns are above our cost of capital and we're ready to do significantly better says Ybarra. According to the OCC's quarterly reports, Citi booked.7 billion of revenue in cash and derivatives rates trading during the first three quarters of last year, and.4 billion in foreign exchange, making it the second-biggest earner among the top four US derivatives dealers. Interactive Boardrooms 4:10 PM - 5:40 PM, exclusive Invite Only Buy Side Think-Tank Followed by Drinks Reception. Citi is committed to being a full-service investment bank, and sees derivatives as a core, and growing, part of the offer not just in the flow businesses where it has always had a presence, but also in the episodic, risk solutions business that traditionally gravitated. Corporates have a need for a wide range of commercial and investment banking services, and can be expected to give more of their business to banks that are able to provide all of those services and that can offer support in all of the markets.

They include, for example, cookies that enable logging into secure areas of the site and to see and engage with Platform features (e.g. Read more about social media cookies. "A healthy SLR allows us to do business that generates good returns elsewhere but might have poor SLR optics so we can get closer to our optimal position. If the bank can focus this maturing solutions capability on its big, existing base of corporate customers, it will add another string to Citi's bow. We offer broad liquidity across currencies ranging from simple and transparent to highly structured and sophisticated depending on our clients' needs and objectives. It also sheds light on Citi's barbell trading strategy: at one end, the bank aims to grow the volume of low-margin products it can execute, where staff costs and capital consumption is limited; at the other, it has a renewed focus on what's generally known. OCC data shows the bank earning 294 million in revenue during the first three quarters of last year from cash and derivatives commodities trading. A large number of our biggest clients still want to trade the product and use it to move risk says Brian Archer, head of global credit trading at Citi in New York.

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