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y axes. Small gator clips, wire, small gauge connectors, eCU OBD harness chart library javascript free (optional, but very handy). This defines an 8x8 tables column axes, row axes and then the 64 column by row cells. Pin 43, k-line, pin 62 12v, obdii cable connections pin 4, ground, pin 7, k-line, pin 16 12v, more Info, wiring references.

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New fuel constant old fuel constant * change in injector size.4 *.75.3. You *should* be able to get a tune very close to where it was before an injector change by changing nothing more than battery tables and an injector size / injector constant. Injector flow is the obvious thing that most people change when installing different injectors. The wiring is simple. Its dangerous to blindly trust the tables winols finds automatically. Most older systems account for injector flow with a fuel constant (it is called many different things in different systems such as ) when you change the size of injectors, you multiply the fuel constant by the difference in flow between your old injectors and. Then 64x 16 bit words. You have 24lb/hr stock injectors. Tuning for Injector Flow, we havent said that much about injector flow up to this point, but it is equally important to having your engine run correctly. Then connect one K-line wire between the two. An ATX (computer) power supply (12v) is also a popular choice.

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