Ubs fx prime brokerage

ubs fx prime brokerage

a Delaware limited liability company (Company and sets forth certain terms and conditions relating to the establishment of a facility (the. (e) (i) Except as permitted in writing by Customer, UBS shall treat as confidential any non-public information about Company that it obtains from Company pursuant to this Agreement or otherwise about Customers trades, investments or financial results; provided, that UBS may disclose the information (a) that. Invoices will be sent to the Customer on a monthly basis. (b) With respect to any suit, action or proceedings relating to this Agreement, each party irrevocably (i) submits to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the State and Federal courts located in New York City, Borough of Manhattan and (ii) waives any objection which it may have at any. (c) UBS will establish trading limits for each Dealer, and advise Customer of those limits. Customer acknowledges and agrees that (i) the volatility classification for any currency may be changed by UBS in its sole discretion at any time with prior notice and (ii) if a currency pair contains currencies of different volatility classifications for purposes of the calculation of Net Open. CP isda Master Agreement means the isda Master Agreement dated February 7, 2008 by and between Customer and. Deliverable Currency Option Transaction shall have the meaning ascribed in the FX Definitions. (d) Customer agrees to promptly pay UBS such commissions and other fees set forth in the attached Fee Schedule (as such Schedule may be amended from time to time by UBS and Customer). Non-Deliverable Currency Option Transaction shall have the meaning ascribed in the FX Definitions.

Delta means, in respect of each Currency Option Transaction, the amount calculated by UBS to be the change in option price for a change in the underlying price (as determined by UBS ) for such Currency Option Transaction. Qualified clients can also take advantage of Advanced Markets tri-party custodial accounts at Macquarie Bank offering to further ensure security of their margin deposits. (h) No amendment, modification, or waiver of this Agreement will be effective unless in writing executed by each of the parties. Goodman Name: Ruth. Company for and on behalf of Customer further acknowledges and agrees that such dealing lines may be changed by UBS in its sole discretion at any time without prior notice; provided that such change in dealing lines will not affect any Transactions entered into prior.

3) Maximum notional quantity for Exotic Notional Limit purposes shall peso to usd exchange rate history be calculated as below, for each trade date: (i) net the notional quantities in respect of those Exotic Options which are identical (requires same currency, expiration date, strike and barrier strike price (ii) convert any. Facility ) through which the Customer, acting by and through a Trading Advisor, except as otherwise indicated, who is acting as the agent for said Customer (and not in the Trading Advisors individual capacity) may trade foreign exchange transactions with various Dealers. UBS maintains the right to refuse to accept any Transactions which exceed the Net Open Position Limit or Exotic Notional Limit or for which Customer has not satisfied all of the requirements of the Credit Support Annex (including any obligation to deliver the Independent Amount. Advanced Markets began offering, uBS as an, fX prime broker June 1, 2015. (g) For the purposes of Non-Deliverable FX Transactions and Non-Deliverable Currency Options Transactions, the calculation agent for the transaction between UBS and Customer shall be as specified in the relevant Confirmation. Exotic Options means barrier options (and such other non-vanilla options as approved by UBS from time to time). FX market participants to trade on prices streamed by more than 10 leading. (b) This Agreement may be terminated by either party without cause, upon thirty (30) days prior written notice; provided that UBS may terminate this Agreement with respect to any Trading Advisor without prior notice (a Termination Notice).

If Customer has entered into a transaction on behalf of UBS in which UBS is the seller of an Option, such Option will only be exercised by the simultaneous delivery of a Notice of Exercise by Dealer which executed such Option to each of Customer. (i) The parties agree that each party may electronically record all telephonic conversations between them relating to the subject matter of this Agreement and that any such tape recordings may be submitted in evidence in any suit, action, or other proceeding relating to this Agreement. Advanced Markets Direct Market Access (STP) platform enables. (c) Waiver of Jury Trial - Each party hereby irrevocably waives any and all right to trial by jury in any suit, action or Proceeding arising our of or relating to this Agreement or any transaction and acknowledges that this waiver is a material inducement. Customer also agrees, hereby, to abide by such best practices as may be published by the FXC from time to time, and such recommended market practice as may be published by emta from time to time. UBS is not and shall not be responsible for and does not warrant the sufficiency or availability of the dealing lines for any purpose. Definitions, capitalized terms used herein but not defined herein shall have the meanings ascribed to them in the CP isda Master Agreement. Net Open Position means for the aggregate amount owed to UBS by Customer, as calculated by UBS in the manner specified in Attachment 1 hereto (which may be modified from time to time by UBS in its reasonable discretion).