Bear and bull stock market game

bear and bull stock market game

a week. Keep in mind that Dow Theory is not a science and Hamilton points this out numerous times. It was not until early November that the djta went on to better its previous reaction high. The first three characteristics have been applied to the example above. Mutual funds were created to for this very reason. What tools do you have to pick winners? (yhoo) and the run-up to earnings is a classic example. Therefore, an increase what forex market is open in activity among the rail stocks would foreshadow an increase in business activity for the industrial stocks. Hamilton also noted that secondary moves tend to be faster and sharper than the preceding primary move. Their main concern was catching the large moves.

bear and bull stock market game

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Technical analysis is an art form and the pl sql work from home jobs eye grows keener with practice. Below is a daily chart focusing on the Apr-97 low for the secondary move outlined above. In order to eliminate false signals, Hamilton suggested excluding moves of less than. It is a fun way to track your positions and your gains and losses. If an investor is long, he or she may want to see only the bullish signs and ignore any bearish signals. One possible solution is to apply a short moving average to the price plot. That does not mean it is easy to pick winners or eliminate all the risk, but that is why it is good to practice with a site like this one, where you can try your hand with fake money. When the system identified the primary trend as bullish, a long position was initiated in a hypothetical index fund. Looking at the line chart above (djia (indu) 1998/1999 daily close semi-log scale it may be difficult to distinguish between a valid change in trend and a simple correction. As with his analysis of secondary moves in general, Hamilton noted that a large percentage of the losses would be recouped in a matter of days or perhaps weeks. Combining the guidelines set forth for trend identification with the theorem on confirmation, it is now possible to classify the primary trend of the market.

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